Jet Gas Torch Lighter Refillable 8812A

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photo 8812A
model no. KLL-8812A
ignition piezo ignition
coonection type bayonet connection
weight(g) 250
product material brass +aluminum+zinc alloy +stainless steel+plastic
size(MM) 235x125x60
packaging 1 pc/double blister card 6 pcs/inner box 24pcs/ctn
The Fuel butane
MOQ 1000 PCS
customized OEM&ODM
Lead time 15-35days
Short Description Home chef refillable blowtorch with piezo ignition . Ideal for bowning meats and the tops of meringues,caramelising creme brulee and other food finishes .Adjustable,focused anti-flare flame ,one touch piezo ignition ,approx 20 mins usage per fill,easy refill from standard lighter gas .Center flame working temperature upto 1300 degrees .

GAS REFILLING:IMPIRTANT:Fill the appliance must be cookware or any possible source of ignition and away from other persons . 1. Before filling hceck the filling valves in firmly in place.2.Use only high quality butane gas .3 Shake the gas cartridge few times to warm the fuel .4.Turn the gas control knob to “-” (OFF) position . 5. Turn applicace upside down to expose filling valve. Hold gas cartridgeupside down and position the nozzle in filling valve. Pushdown to start releasing gas into blowtorch. 6.At the first sign of liquid gas over-flowing out of the filling valve ,stop fueling immediately . Over-fillong can cause flaring . 7.After filling allow a few minutes for gas to stablise before using the blowtorch .

IGNITION & TURNING OFF:1.Ensure that the Safte Lock is pushed uo into the unlock position . 2.Turn the Flame Adjustment Control clockwise until it is fully open .3.Turn the Gas Control Knob towards the “+” (ON) posotion until you hear the gas flow begin . 4. Press the Iginition Button . The flame will ignite instantly. 5.To turn the Blowtorch off ,turn the gas control knob to the “-” (OFF) position.

FLAME ADJUSTMENT: Adjust the flame length during operation by turning the Flame Adjustment Control . For best heating results keep the flame length between 12mm and 25mm. If the flame is too long it will waste fuel and make the flame unstable .

*Never turn to human body when start ignition When it’s hot ,ignition could be hard becuase gas pressure is high . Open gas control knob slightly for igniton .
When fire hole s stuffed ,it’s dangerous the fire occures from air ventilation . So please check fire hole before ignition.
Do not turn upside down the fire hole .Liquefied ags makes the ignition hard and the fire would be too big and it’s dangerous . When this occurs,colse the adjustment knob and stabilize for a moment and then re-ignite.

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