• How a flamethrower works
    Post time: Feb-21-2022

    The flamethrower is a new outdoor product, which belongs to a kind of outdoor cooking utensils, and is very convenient to carry. The working principle of the flamethrower is very simple, which is to use compressed gas to adjust the gas. The pressure variable flow is sprayed out of the muzzle and...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-17-2022

    The operator picks up the welding torch, and it can automatically, switch on, gas (acetylene), and oxygen to generate 5 seconds of DC pulse and spark simultaneously, and aim it at the igniter to ignite it and use it. This prevents the gas welding gun from being normally open or frequently closed ...Read more »

  • Precautions for using butane torch
    Post time: Jan-14-2022

    working principle The gas is compressed and transformed, sprayed out and ignited to form a high-temperature cylindrical flame. The torch is divided into two main structures: a gas storage chamber (gas tank) and a surge chamber. The medium and high-end products also have an ignition structure. The...Read more »

  • The structure and principle of torch
    Post time: Jan-06-2022

    1. Definition A pipelineless handheld tool that controls the combustion of gas to form a cylindrical flame for heating and welding, also known as a handheld torch (usually butane is used for gas)   2. Structure The 220g Butane Gas Burner KLL-9005D palm torch is divided into two main structures: a...Read more »

  • Is the butane gas torch harmful to the human body if it is used directly for barbecue?
    Post time: Dec-17-2021

    No, the torch using pure KLL-Manual Ignition Gas Torch can be directly used as a barbecue tool for food processing. The combustion products are water and carbon dioxide, which is clean and environmentally friendly. The torch is a tool for fuse welding, surface treatment and local heating of equi...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-13-2021

    What is the working principle of the torch The working principle of Jet Gas Torch Lighter Refillable is very simple, that is, the use of compressed gas to adjust the pressure and flow of the gas to spray the muzzle and ignite it to form a high-temperature cylindrical flame for heating and welding...Read more »

  • Have you seen a high-tech grass burning machine for family farms?
    Post time: Sep-22-2021

    When the crops are in the harvest season, or the daily farming days, farmers bear the brunt of the removal of grass. It is also to prevent weeds from affecting the growth of crops, provide better nutrient absorption for crops, and can also be used as a green fertilizer to feed the land. Farmer fr...Read more »

  • Portable welding gun function
    Post time: Aug-23-2021

    The welding torch is used to clamp the stud, lift the stud (ignition arc), press down the stud, and transmit the welding current. The welding torch accessory has a support frame to ensure that the stud is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. When the diameter of the stud changes, the st...Read more »

  • China OEM Mini Gas CampingTorch KLL-9009D
    Post time: Aug-14-2021

    The welding torch refers to the part that performs the welding operation during the welding process. It is a tool used for gas welding. It is shaped like a nozzle at the front end and sprays a high-temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible to use, convenient and fast, and the process is ...Read more »

  • What should be paid attention to when using a torch
    Post time: Jul-07-2021

    Note for lighters: 1.Gas Lighter It contains pressurized flammable gas, please keep away from children; 2. Do not puncture or throw the lighter, do not throw it into the fire; 3. Please use it in a ventilated environment, pay attention to flammable materials; 4. It is strictly forbidden to face f...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-29-2021

    Jet Gas Torch Lighter Refillable Commercial Features ★ Electronic ignition, can be filled with gas repeatedly, using butane Characteristics ★ Provide greater heat energy, and the flame is extremely long and violent. ★ The flame size and temperature are adjustable, and the direct flame can be chan...Read more »

  • The role of the flamethrower
    Post time: Jun-22-2021

    Portable gas welding torch is also called lighter, using high pressure injection technology (the top of the fuselage is equipped with a supercharger), the gas in the supercharger after compression, under the action of huge pressure fierce ejected, so that the flame temperature as high as 1300 deg...Read more »

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