KLL-Manual Ignition Gas Torch-7005D

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KLL yellow color adjustable knob, SS tube, aluminum bending pipe, manual ignition, lightweight, adjustable flame economical to use, heat blast permanently destroys plant cell structure, mainly using for bending pipes to shape, outdoor, deforsting pipes and other plumbing work, sealing PVC and pre-soldered connections, igniting BBQ’s and fires etc. use easliy obtainable butane gas cylinder as fuel source, center flame working temperature upto 1300 degrees.

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model no. KLL-7005D
ignition Manual  ignition
coonection type bayonet connection
weight(g) 120
product  material SS+brass+zinc alloy +plastic
size(MM) 145x60x40
packaging 1 pc/blister card     10pcs/inner box       120pcs/ctn
The Fuel butane
MOQ 1000 PCS
customized OEM&ODM
Lead time 15-35days

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1.Push the gas cartridge into the base and turn counter-clockwise to secure.
2.Do not force the gas cartridge when installing .

3. Open the gas release knob counter-clockwise slightly to emit a smal amount of gas and light the CANON TORCH by match .

7005d (2)




4. Adjust the flame intensity to your particular requirements . Turn gas release knob clockwsie to extinguish the flame . Always remove the gas cartridge after use .




Method of operation

-Turn the knob slowly in the right direction to start gas flowing then press the trridge in until it clicks.
-Repeat of unit fails to light

-The appliance is now ready for use.Adjust the flame between”-“ and “+”(low and high heat)position as required.
-Be aware of flaring which may occur during the two minute warm-up period and during which the applicane should not be angled more than 15 degrees from the vertical(upight)position.

To shut off
-Close gas supply off completely by turning gas control knob in the “clockwise”(“-”)direction.
-Separate the applicance from the gas cartridge after use.

After Use
-Check the applicance is clean and dry.
-Store in a cool,well ventilated place after separating the cartridge from the appliance and replacing cap.




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