Double brass tube soldering gas torch KLL-7021D

Short Description:

KLL yellow color adjustable knob, three brass tubes  with thress cyclone inside, manual ignition, unique cyliner locking to prevent leakage, Use for the heat- shrinkable sleeves and theirconnectors. Be applied in microwelding inbolving copper- welding,silver- welding, tin-welding and ornament processing. Fusing, welding, sureface treatment and local heating in workshop, garage and lab. etc, use easliy obtainable butane gas cylinder as fuel source, center  flame working temperature upto 1300 degrees.

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model no. KLL-7021D
ignition Manual  ignition
coonection type bayonet connection
weight(g) 193
product  material brass+aluminum+zinc alloy +plastic
size(MM) 245x60x40 
packaging 1 pc/blister card     10pcs/inner box       100pcs/ctn                         
The Fuel  butane
MOQ 1000 PCS
customized OEM&ODM
Lead time  15-35days 

Direction of Use: 

1. Push the gas cartridge into the base and turn counter-clockwise to secure.

2. Do not force the gas cartridge when installing .

3. Open the gas release knob counter-clockwise slightly to emit a smal amount of gas and light the  CANON TORCH by match .

4. Adjust the flame intensity to your particular requirements . Turn gas release knob clockwsie to extinguish the flame . Always remove the gas cartridge after use .

Method of operation

1.How to Operate:

(1) Please check the adjustment whell before the install ,Ensure that the adjustment wheel in the (-) direction of rotation to prevent gas leak after the install .

(2)Push the gas tank into  iron bottle , and hold handle ,push the knob to ignite the fire and revolve adjustable knob  to adjust the fire off /on

(3) Remove the  gas tank according to the direction of the arrow after use .

2.Iginiting and Flame Adjustment:

(1) Turn adjust wheel towards the (+)mark to open the intake valve and push the push button to ignition .

(2) The height of glame will be influenced according to the temperature around ,you can do flame adjustment properly .*Turn adjust wheel towards the (+)mark to higher flame  *Turn adjust wheel towards the (-) mark to lower flame   * Turn adjust wheel to extingusished flame 


(1)Keep your lighter out of reach of children

(2) Ignite lighter away from person and thing ,never touch the head of lighter when keeping burning 30 seconds

(3) Lighter are not self-extinguishing Ensure the flame is extinguished and remove A part from B part after use .

(4) Keep lighter away from naked flame or heat above 55℃




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