China Factory Butane Flame Gun KLL-9002D

Welding torch is one of the main equipment of hot air welding. It is composed of heating element, nozzle, etc. According to its structure, there are gas welding gun, electric welding gun and fast welding gun, automatic welding gun. Gas welding torch is a combustible gas (hydrogen or acetylene and air mixture) combustion, heating the snake tube, so that the compressed air into the snake tube is heated to the desired temperature. The amount of air in or out is regulated by the cock. The heating device of the welding gun is composed of a ceramic groove tube and the electric heating wire in it. The welding speed may vary with the nozzle structure. The rapid welding torch is made by improving the structure of the welding nozzle.

Welding torch refers to the part of welding operation in the welding process. It is a tool used for gas welding. It is shaped like a nozzle at the front end and ejects a high temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible in use, convenient and quick, and simple in process.



The welding gun is used to hold the stud, lift the stud (ignition arc), press the stud and transfer the welding current. Welding torch accessories and support frame, ensure that the stud and the workpiece surface is vertical, when the diameter of the stud changes, the need to replace the corresponding diameter of the stud chuck, adjust the length of the connecting rod between the support frame and the welding torch body, can adapt to the different length of the stud. The lifting of the torch and the lowering of the electrode (stud) are accomplished by the electromagnetic coil, the iron core and the spring.

Butane Flame Gun is also called lighter, using high pressure injection technology (the top of the fuselage is equipped with a supercharger), the gas in the supercharger after compression, under the action of huge pressure fierce ejected, so that the flame temperature as high as 1300 degrees to 3000 degrees above. Can be used for processing and welding aluminum, tin, gold, silver, plastic and so on. Such as welding and repairing plastic products, can also be used as a strong windproof lighter, wind adjustable size.

Post time: Jun-19-2021