China OEM Mini Gas CampingTorch KLL-9009D

The welding torch refers to the part that performs the welding operation during the welding process. It is a tool used for gas welding. It is shaped like a nozzle at the front end and sprays a high-temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible to use, convenient and fast, and the process is simple.

Gas CampingTorch

Using butane gas as fuel, its flame temperature is as high as 1300℃. Due to its good windproof, small size, easy to carry, refillable and other characteristics, it is widely used in various occasions, such as car repair, field ignition, welding and Melting plastic and rubber parts, metal quenching and welding, connecting and cutting synthetic ropes.


The portable gas welding gun is also called a lighter. It adopts high-pressure jet technology (a supercharger is placed on the top of the fuselage). The gas is compressed in the supercharger and jetted out violently under the action of huge pressure, so that the flame temperature is as high as 1300 degrees to 3000 degrees. Degree above. It can be used to process and weld aluminum, tin, gold, silver, plastic, etc. Such as welding and repairing plastic products, it can also be used as a strong wind-proof lighter, and the wind power can be adjusted.

Welding gun is one of the main equipment for hot air welding. Consists of heating elements, nozzles, etc. According to its structure, there are gas welding torch, electric welding torch, fast welding torch, and automatic welding torch. The gas welding gun uses combustible gas (hydrogen or a mixture of acetylene and air) to heat the coil, so that the compressed air sent into the coil is heated to the required temperature. The amount of air sent in or out is adjusted by the cock. The heating device of the electric welding gun is composed of a ceramic trough tube and an electric heating wire in it. The welding speed can vary with the nozzle structure. The rapid welding gun is made by improving the structure of the welding gun nozzle.

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