Flamethrower (ignition heating tool)


Field cookers generally refer to the burner and fuel (butane gas tank) for cooking in the field, it is very convenient to carry. The flame-thrower takes the place of the burner, freeing the flame from its fixed position and making it easy to light a campfire and cook food.


一、 Definitions

A pipeless hand-held tool used to control the combustion of gas to form a cylindrical flame for heating and welding. Also called a hand-held flamethrower (usually butane for gas)


Pocket fire gun is divided into two main structures: gas storage chamber and pressure regulating chamber. Middle and high grade products also have ignition structure.

Gas storage chamber: also known as a chamber containing gas, usually butane, for the tool's surge chamber structure.

Pressure regulating chamber: this structure is the main structure of the handheld firegun, through receiving gas from the gas storage chamber, and then through a series of steps such as filtration, pressure regulating and flow changing, the gas will be ejected from the muzzle.

三、The working principle

The gas is discharged from the muzzle and ignited to form a high temperature cylindrical flame for heating welding and other work.


In terms of structure, the Palm Flamethrower is divided into two kinds, one is the gas box integrated Palm Flamethrower, one is the gas box separated Flamethrower head.

1) gas box integrated palm fire gun: easy to carry, generally smaller volume than the separated type, light weight.

2) Separated gas box type handheld flame-thrower head: need to connect the card type gas cylinder, weight and volume is large, but the storage capacity is large, lasting longer.

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