Have you seen a high-tech grass burning machine for family farms?

When the crops are in the harvest season, or the daily farming days, farmers bear the brunt of the removal of grass. It is also to prevent weeds from affecting the growth of crops, provide better nutrient absorption for crops, and can also be used as a green fertilizer to feed the land. Farmer friends have to spend a long time going to the fields to do weeding work. With the development of science and technology, agriculture has become more efficient and environmentally friendly. In a word, the efficiency of using mechanical weeding is much higher than that of manual weeding. In addition to the tank machines that we have seen every day, the ground turning machines. Everyone will definitely think that we use machinery to mow the grass, right? In recent years, a novel way of weeding has appeared abroad. That is to burn with fire.


Butane Gas Weed Burner Most of us think about foreign countries as our brains are wide open and our ideas are novel. Maybe one day we will come up with a set of novel gadgets. There is such a professional weeding company in the United States. They produced a weeder that can blow fire and weed. The shape of the car body is somewhat like a harvester. It’s just about changing the harvesting wheel of the harvester for several rows of flamethrowers. The sprayed flame can burn the weeds cleanly. The name of this grass burning machine is Red Dragon, which can be described as a fighter in agricultural machinery. Domineering is exposed, there is such a car that can burn all the weeds all over the world.

Now let’s talk about the structural effect of this car. In front of the head of the grass burning locomotive. Then, more than 30 faces the ground to the fire nozzle, using the close attack mode, which can burn all the weeds on the ground at a certain distance, and there is no hope of surviving. The most prominent effect is still the genus. The fire-breathing effect can reach 15 cm below the ground. Is this weeding method very thorough?

In terms of environmental protection, the role of this machine is still quite large. Needless to say when we are weeding. The operation of the car body uses clean energy, and the fuel used is propane. Water vapor and carbon dioxide are mainly produced during work. Air pollution can be minimized.

Post time: Sep-22-2021