How a flamethrower works

The flamethrower is a new outdoor product, which belongs to a kind of outdoor cooking utensils, and is very convenient to carry. The working principle of the flamethrower is very simple, which is to use compressed gas to adjust the gas.
The pressure variable flow is sprayed out of the muzzle and ignited to form a high-temperature cylindrical flame for heating and welding. Pay attention to safety when using a flamethrower, first check all parts, and then ignite,
When closing, close the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder first, and then let’s take a look with the editor.
How a flamethrower works
The working principle of the China Factory Butane Flame Gun KLL-9002D is very simple. It is to use compressed gas to adjust the pressure and variable flow of the gas, spray it out of the muzzle and ignite it, thereby forming a high-temperature cylindrical flame.
Heating welding, etc. The flamethrower is divided into two main structures, the gas storage chamber and the pressure regulating chamber, and the medium and high-end products also have an ignition structure. The gas storage chamber is also known as the gas box, which contains gas, ingredients
Typically butane, delivers gas to the tool’s surge chamber structure. The pressure regulating chamber is the main structure of the flamethrower. It receives gas from the gas storage chamber, and then passes through a series of systems such as filtration, pressure regulation and flow conversion.
Follow the steps to spray the gas out of the muzzle.

The torch is a tool for fusing welding, surface treatment lakes and local heating of equipment. Generally, ordinary liquefied gas is used, which is convenient and economical, and greatly improves the work efficiency.
Rate. The flamethrower is safe to use, ingeniously designed and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for factories, restaurants and other places that use flamethrower for a long time.
Compared with tools such as welding torches that require pipeline transportation of gas, the portable torch has the advantages of integrated gas box and wireless portability, but it is limited to the fact that the portable torch relies on the air.
Due to the factors of oxygen combustion and gas pressure, the flame temperature of commonly used hand-held torches generally does not exceed 1400 degrees.

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