Is the butane gas torch harmful to the human body if it is used directly for barbecue?

No, the torch using pure KLL-Manual Ignition Gas Torch can be directly used as a barbecue tool for food processing. The combustion products are water and carbon dioxide, which is clean and environmentally friendly.
The torch is a tool for fuse welding, surface treatment and local heating of equipment. Generally, ordinary liquefied gas is used, which is convenient and economical and greatly improves work efficiency. The flame spray gun is safe to use, exquisite in design, and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for factories, restaurants and other places that use flame spray devices for a long time.
The body of the torch is generally die-casted with high-strength zinc alloy and copper materials. The stainless steel punching copper nozzle is beautiful and durable, and the flame temperature is 1200-1300 degrees Celsius. Continuous operation time can be up to eight hours, automatic ignition device, simple and safe operation, adjustable flame size, butane gas tank can be repeatedly installed, waterproof and windproof, suitable for outdoor activities and camping. Its characteristic is that the burning flame is long and fierce, easy to use and safe.
Uses: heating, communication cable repair, auto repair, jewelry processing, laboratory, point charcoal, mold sticky mold melting material, injection port melting material, broken rib removal mold heating, plastic tube bending, outdoor camping barbecue, home The best choice for food heating and local heating.
How to use a torch
1. Check
Connect the parts of the spray gun, tighten the gas pipe clamp, (or tighten with an iron wire) connect the liquefied gas connector, turn off the spray gun switch, loosen the valve of the liquefied gas bottle, and check whether the parts are leaking.
2. Ignition
Slightly loosen the spray gun switch and ignite directly at the nozzle. Adjust the spray gun switch to reach the required temperature.
3. Close
First, close the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder. After the flame is turned off, turn off the switch. There must be no residual gas in the pipe. Hang the spray gun and the gas pipe and place them in a dry place.


Post time: Dec-17-2021