Is the gas directly sprayed by the butane gas gun harmful to the human body?

No, a flamethrower using pure butane gas can be directly used as a barbecue tool to process ingredients. The combustion products are water and carbon dioxide, which is clean and environmentally friendly.

The torch is a tool for fusing welding, China Factory Butane Flame Gun KLL-9002D surface treatment lakes and local heating of equipment. Generally, ordinary liquefied gas is used, which is convenient and economical, and greatly improves the work efficiency. The flamethrower is safe to use, ingeniously designed and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for factories, restaurants and other places where flamethrower is used for a long time.
The flamethrower body is generally made of high-strength zinc alloy and copper die-casting, stainless steel punched copper nozzle, beautiful and durable, and the flame temperature is 1200-1300 degrees Celsius. Continuous operation time can reach eight hours, automatic ignition device, simple and safe operation, adjustable flame size, butane gas tank can be installed repeatedly, waterproof and windproof, suitable for field activities and camping use. Its characteristics are that the burning flame is long and fierce, and it is convenient and safe to use.

Other uses: heating, communication cable maintenance, auto repair, jewelry processing, laboratory, point charcoal, mold sticking mold melt material, injection port melt material, broken rib removal mold heating, plastic pipe bending, outdoor camping barbecue, The best choice for home food heating, local heating.

The flamethrower is a new outdoor product, which belongs to a kind of outdoor cooking utensils. It is an ignition heating tool derived from the existing butane gas tank.

The hand-held torch is a hand-held tool without a pipeline to control the combustion of gas to form a columnar flame for heating and welding work, and the gas generally uses butane.

The hand-held flamethrower is divided into two main structures: the gas storage chamber and the pressure regulating chamber. The gas storage chamber: also known as the gas box, contains gas, and the composition is generally butane, which transports the gas to the pressure regulating chamber structure of the tool. Pressure regulating chamber: This structure is the main structure of the hand-held flamethrower. It receives gas from the gas storage chamber, and then passes through a series of steps such as filtering, regulating and changing the flow, and then spraying the gas out of the gun.

There are two types of hand-held flamethrower, one is a gas-box-integrated hand-held flamethrower, and the other is a gas-box-separated flamethrower.

Post time: Feb-27-2023