Portable welding gun function

The welding torch is used to clamp the stud, lift the stud (ignition arc), press down the stud, and transmit the welding current. The welding torch accessory has a support frame to ensure that the stud is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. When the diameter of the stud changes, the stud chuck of the corresponding diameter needs to be replaced, and the extension length of the connecting rod between the support frame and the welding torch body can be adjusted. Adapt to studs of different lengths. The movement of the welding gun to lift and press the electrode (stud) is completed by three main components: electromagnetic coil, iron core and spring.

China Factory Butane Flame Gun is also called a lighter. It adopts high-pressure jet technology (a supercharger is placed on the top of the fuselage). The gas is compressed in the supercharger and jetted out violently under the action of huge pressure, so that the flame temperature is as high as 1300 degrees to 3000 degrees. Degree above. It can be used to process and weld aluminum, tin, gold, silver, plastic, etc. Such as welding and repairing plastic products, it can also be used as a strong wind-proof lighter, and the wind power can be adjusted.

Portable welding gun function

  Operator picks up the welding torch, it can automatically, switch on, gas (acetylene), oxygen synchronously generate 5 seconds DC pulse, spark, aim at the igniter to ignite it and use it. This prevents the gas welding torch from being normally open or frequently closed during production line work, saving energy and improving the production and working environment, improving product quality, and achieving scientific and detailed management. The overall operation of the device is convenient, the volume is small, and the control circuit is stable and reliable

Gasburnerindustry, gas welding equipment. Electronic ignition, locking function, continuous use does not damage the welding tip, the firepower concentration can reach 1300 degrees, butane fuel, the firepower is adjustable. It can be used for small welding or strong windproof lighter. It is used for electrical maintenance, outdoor picnics and fire, and can easily ignite wet wood.

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