what is safe pridcution :Safe prodcution is the unity of safety and prodcuton ,and its purpose is to promote production safely,and prodcutionmust be safe. Doing a good job in safety and improving working conditions;reducing property losses can increase the efficiency of enterprise,and will undoubtedly promote the development of production;and prodcution must be saftey because saftety is a prerequisite for prodcution,and production cann notbe achieved without safety.doing a good job in production safety and reducing casualty accidents and exonomuc losses are not only legal responsibility of enterprise,but also an important social responsibility of enterprises .Therefore ,in our workmwe must work according to various safety production regulations .                     

Safety production only has a starting point and no end point .Work safety is a neber-ending job.You must always work tirelessly .The alarm bells must sound constantly .You can’t be loose from time to time ,suddenly cold and hot .You have the slightest chance psychology and paralyzing thoughts .Not to meton”important to say ,secondary to doing ,and not to do “.With the development and progress  of science and technology ,safe production also constantly encounters new changes and problems . We must be good a discovering new situations from new practices and proposing new ones .Problem,fins new ways .In the case of new and utgent tasks,we must establish a security concept of “only the starting point and no end point”. Really”precautions” to prevent future .

Post time: Aug-19-2020